TERUEL, 2023

TDM Hotel

We find ourselves in a landscape so enigmatic that it catches us when visiting it with its backdrop; the farmland, the land. A place that picks us up and surrounds us with its topography. A place of strong contrasts, of changing scenarios. We find some very marked lines and traces in the landscape, which reveal the history of this place, encouraging us the passage of time and the role that these people played in it. We start from these traces to understand the reason for this place, finding in them a common thread that ties everything that is happening to it. We find it very suggestive to understand these lines in their three-dimensionality to understand the potential of their spatial relationships. There is a very direct relationship between a theater and this place. Understanding its parts that compose it as the valley, being the stage, and the entire upper part of the estate, this stall opens to the valley, which observes the events that lie in it. We must understand that the essence of this place is not in any specific place, but in everything. In this horizon your view frames. In this changing scenario that only time reveals to us.