TULUM, 2023

Casa Terra

Casa Terra is located in the heart of Aldea Zamá, in Tulum. The project is situated in a residential development where the plot typology is repeated throughout, marking clear constraints with which we must work. The proposal arises from an exhaustive research of the place, its history, customs, and beliefs. Delving into Mayan culture, we observe how for them the experiential dimension is divided into two spheres, the sacred and the profane; always opposed, irreconcilable, and yet necessary for each other. The vertical dimension of the universe. Casa Terra seeks that connection with the higher plane, through a large skylight that opens to gaze at the sky, at the stars. The proposal becomes a symbiosis of architecture-landscape in which the pieces configure landscape, protection, and relationship between themselves. A house that is lived in between walls and vegetation. Between light and shadow. Between heaven and earth.